Learning License Fees: LL Fee Payment Online (Step By Step)

Learning License Fees | Hello Friends, Welcome to the Apply Online For Driving License website. Here you will find all kinds of information related to the driving license.

Well, there are a total of four steps to apply for learning license online such as:

1. Fill The Online Application Form

2. Upload The Required Documents

3. Pay The Fees For Learning License Test

4. Book An Appointment For Learning License Test

The third one is the step that we will be showing you in this article.

Almost everyone in India has a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or even four-wheeler vehicle nowadays.

So, according to the RTO (Regional Transport Office) rules, you need a driving license to legally drive the vehicle on the roads.

So often, you go to the nearby RTO and look for an agent to help you to apply for driving license or apply for learning license online.

But Unfortunately, right from here, the whole looting game starts in the RTO.

Friends, when anyone goes at the RTO to get this small work done, you will be shocked to know that everybody is always been looted fearlessly by the agents.

whether it is a learning license or a permanent license, Instead of the actual learning license fees of the Government, we are always told the wrong fee by the agents in the RTO.

There are many such RTO agents, who will not tell you the real fees of the official RTO, but they cheat you and also ask for double or triple fees than the actual one.

Learning License Fees: LL Fee Payment Online


We are not saying that all RTO agents are like this. There are so many agents, who also do their work great for you. they really help you.

we just want to say that there are also few agents in Regional Transport Office who take our money and even do not do our work properly.

You will always be cheated like this until you do something about it.

Of course, not anymore, you don't need to go anywhere now. You are going to know almost all the information related to the driving license fees in this article.

What are the real Learning License Fees?

And how to pay the fees for learning license online?

These are the 2 main questions... right?

So stay with us and know the answers.

How To Pay Online The Learning License Fees?

But before paying the fees you need to apply for learning license online. It is a very simple process.

See This: How To Apply For Learning License Online

After applying for the learning license you need to upload the required documents for learning driving license.

It is also not a that hard procedure. You can surely TRUST US on this!

See This: Required Documents For Learning Driving License

Complete these procedures first.


This process is also extremely simple, and easy. anyone can do this very conveniently.

It is noticeable that there are 2 different ways to pay the fees for learning license online.

But do not worry, both are extremely easy. we are going to tell you both ways.

Here is the first method.

Step #1.

Fist of all, open a browser that you like and simply type 'Parivahan' (or parivahan.gov.in) in the search box.

Learning License Fee: LL Fee Payment Online


It is the official government website for all the vehicle or driving license works.

It is the official website for the Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways, powered by the Government Of India.

So simply open the site.

Or here we provided the direct link of the website for you: Parivahan

Step #2.

After opening the site, on the main Homepage, you can see that there are two options:

1) Vehicle Registration Related Services

2) Driving License Related Services

Now you know where you need to click. Obviously, you will click on the second option that is Driving License Related Services.

See in the image below.

Learning License Fees: LL Fee Payment Online


Step #3.

After clicking on it, the Parivahan's site will redirect you to the official Sarathi's website (sarathi.parivahan.gov.in). here you can see.

Learning License Fees: LL Fee Payment Online


Or you can directly visit the Sarathi's site from here: Sarathi

Step #4.

Now you will simply select the STATE. You will choose the state in which you have applied for the learning license or the state where you are currently residing.

Learning License Fees: LL Fee Payment Online


For Example: If you are residing in Pune or Mumbai then you will simply choose Maharashtra.

Step #5.

After selecting the State, a new page will be opened and it will ask you to select the city.

so you have to select the city in which you have Applied For Learning License Online. so simply select the city.

For Example, we will choose PUNE here.

Step #6.

Now the main homepage of Sarathi's website will be opened. In the left corner, you can see there is the Main Menu containing a list of several services.

Learning License Fees: LL Fee Payment Online


From that menu, simply click on Apply Online in Menu Bar. Now the menu will show all the related works to applying for a driving license.

Step #7.

Now you will see there is an option named Application Status. Simply click on that option.

LL Fee Payment Online


After clicking on the application status, this window will be opened. Now simply fill your Application Number in the box.


Note: The Application Number has been sent on your registered mobile number at the time when you fill your online application form for learning license. Check your SMS.

If you haven't filled your online form for a learning license yet, then do it first.

Click here to know how to do it: Apply Online For Learning License

So, After entering the application number, fill your Date Of Birth. Then, enter the correct CAPTCHA.

And then click on Submit Button.

See the above image for reference.

Step #8.

Now see your Application Status. You will get to know everything about your application here.

How much procedure is left, how much procedure has been done, you can see everything here.

Now, see there is a small section containing several steps in order to get the learning license. there are four works.






Keep this in mind that before completing the payment process you need to complete the first 2 steps.

If you haven't yet, you need to apply online for learning license. and then you need to upload the required documents for LL.

So now, select the third option and click on the Proceed Button.

Step #9.

After clicking on the proceed button, a new page will appear on the screen. here you will get to know about that exact and fair amount for the learning license test.

Now you can see there is a section. you need to enter your application number and your date of birth in the respective boxes.

LL Fee Payment Online


So simply enter it and click on the Calculate Fee button.

Step #10.

Now see the fees table will appear. and you will see the amount for it. The fees for the LL test and the DL test may vary many times.

It surely depends on for which vehicle do you want to get a learning license.


Fees for learning license of a four-wheeler, three-wheeler, and the two-wheeler can be totally different from one another.

so now, confirm the transaction details.

Step #11.

Now Scroll down a little and you will see the Payment Options section on the page. there is a small box named "Bank/Gateway/Treasury".


So Click on that box and select the SBIepay option.

Now simply fill the Captcha carefully and Click on the Pay Now button.

Step #12.

As soon as you click on it, you will see this new page will appear on your screen.


See your Transaction ID or Token ID. and if you want, you can read the Terms And Conditions of Sarathi's website.

Now click on "I agree to the Terms And Conditions" Checkbox, and then click on the Proceed For Payment button.

Step #13.

After clicking the Proceed To Payment button this page will be opened. Now you need to be a little careful as the payment process has been started.


Make sure you are not pressing the BACK BUTTON or not refreshing the page. otherwise, your payment won't happen.

Be patient...

The website will redirect you to the PAYMENT BANK GATEWAY.

See the above image.

Step #14.

In a few moments, you will be redirected to the payment gateway. now simply choose your payment method. You can pay by the CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, or even the UPI.

Important About Learning License Fees:

You must keep this in mind that once the payment process started you should not REFRESH the page or should not press the BACK BUTTON in any circumstances. otherwise, your money may be stuck.

You can cancel the payment process by pressing the CANCEL button, but only if you do not wish to continue the process at the moment.

After the payment, you will see this page on your screen. your transaction ID and the payment amount will be there.

Step #15.

You know what...? Done...!!! The payment has been done. after the payment, this page will be opened.

Now simply click on the Print Receipt button. and take the print out of the payment receipt.


If you do not have any printer with you, you can save it as a PDF and then print this later.

So this was a simple and extremely easy process for the Learning License Fees Online.

Now it is noticeable that there is one more method for the online payment for the LL. and this method is also very easy.

Let us just talk about another method for paying the learning license fees online.

Second Method Of Paying The Learning License Fees

Step #1:

Firstly go to the Official Sarathi's Site.

Step #2:

And now select the STATE in order to select the CITY.

Step #3:

Now from the list at the left sidebar, Select the Fee/Payment option. You Can See It In The Image.


Step #4: After that, you will see this page on your screen. if you want, you can read the instructions. otherwise, simply click on the Proceed button


The further process is the same as we have mentioned above. Follow from Step Number 9.


So, this was the simple process for paying the learning license fees online.

If you were facing any kind of issue for the payment of learning license online then this article may be helpful for you.

Now you have known how to pay the online fees for LL, so now you do not need to hire any RTO agent to do this tiny work for you. and you do not need to waste any extra bucks for it.

Pay your learning license fees on your own.

I really hope this article is proven to be helpful to you. if so then it is your responsibility to share this article as much as you can.

Share this article with loved ones, and your friends.

If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to comment down below or contact us. we would love to reply to you.



Learning License Fees: LL Fee Payment Online (Step By Step)

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