How To Apply For Learning License Online - (Step By Step)


Apply For Learning License Online | Hello Friends, Welcome to the Apply Online For Driving License website. Here you will find all kinds of information related to the driving license.

Hello friends, so are you learning to drive a new vehicle nowadays? what type of vehicle are you learning to drive?

we do mean that, is it a two-wheeler, or a three-wheeler, or a four-wheeler?

Maybe you are learning the Honda Activa, or Hero Splendor. Or Maybe, It is a 7 seater family car or a luxurious sedan.

No...? I guess even it would be an Auto Rikshaw or something?

Friends, you can learn whatever vehicle you want to learn.

But if you do not want any inconvenience from the traffic officials while learning the vehicle, then you must get a proper learning license for that particular vehicle.

How To Apply For Learning License Online - (Step By Step)


You cannot drive or learn any vehicle on the Indian roads without having a proper license for it.

If you do so, then you can be fined.

Getting a learning driving license is not a hard thing. you can get it on your own. Plus you do not even need to hire any RTO agent for this tiny work.

You can apply for a learning driving license online very easily at home.

There are a total of four steps such as:

You just need to fill an online application form for learning license. and upload your required documents online.

And then just pay the actual fees (not RTO agents fees), and then simply book the appointment.

After this all procedure-Done!! You have successfully applied online for the learning license.

On your appointment, if you pass in your Learning License Test, you will get your learning license delivered at your home in a few business days.

In this article, We will show you how to apply for learning license online in the step by step manner.

You will get to know how to fill the online application for learning license, and much information you will find in this article.

So stay with us : )

After knowing this great information, you will be able to apply for learning license online by yourself without anyone's help.

Plus, you will not need to pay any extra fees. You will not have to spend even a single penny more than the actual RTO charges.

If you know a little about how to apply for learning driving license online. then this summary might save you a little time. See these quick steps.

Quick Summary About How To Apply For Learning License Online

Step #1. Open Parivahan's website.
Step #2. Click on 'Driving License Related Services'.
Step #3. Now select the State and City.
Step #4. Click on Apply Online and then click on New Learner's License.
Step #5. Now click the Correct Option.
Step #6. Fill all the details carefully in the Form.
Step #7. Scroll down and select the Class Of Vehicle
Step #8. Tick the Checkboxes.
Step #9. Recheck the form again.
Step #10. Finally, Click on Submit Button.

Now If you want to know all the information in complete details, Read Carefully Below.

So here it is...

How To Apply For Learning License Online

Applying for the learning license online is an extremely easy task. anyone can do it. You just need to give an online application for learning license.

This means you have to fill an application form for it. and done!

It is really as simple as it sounds.

Step #1.

Firstly, open your browser and type 'Parivahan' (or in the search box.

It is the official website for the Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways, powered by the Government Of India.

So open the site.

or here we provide you the direct link of the website: Parivahan

Apply For Learning License Online


Step #2.

After opening the site, this is how it will look. Now You can see there are two options:

apply online for learning license


1) Vehicle Registration Related Services

2) Driving License Related Services

Obviously, you will click on the second option. see in the below image.

Apply For Learning License Online

Step #3.

After clicking on it, the Parivahan's site will redirect you to the official Sarathi's website ( here you can see.

You can directly go on Sarathi's site from here: Sarathi


Step #4.

Now you will select the state. You will choose the state in which you want to apply for learning license online or the state where you currently reside.

For Example: If you are residing in Pune or Mumbai then you will simply choose Maharashtra.

Apply For Learning License Online In Mumbai


Step #5.

After selecting the State, now you have to select the city in which you want to Apply For Learning License Online. simply select the city and then,

Step #6.

Now the main homepage of Sarathi's website will be opened. In the left corner, you can see there is the Main Menu containing a list of several services.

Simply click on Apply Online in Menu Bar. Now the menu will show all the related stuff to applying for a driving license.

Apply For Learning License Online In Pune


apply online for learning license


Step #7.

Just click on the first option showing 'New Learner's License'. A new page will arrive.

This page will show you the Instructions about what are the steps that you need to go through in this apply online for learning license procedure.

apply online for learning license


Step #8.

Now click on Continue Button. You will see that this new page will open. and, this will give you 3 options...

1) The applicant does not hold a Learning License or Driving License

2) The applicant holds a Driving License

3) The applicant holds a Learner's License

"apply online for learning license"


Now see this:

a) If you have not applied for the learning license or driving license throughout your life, it means that you are applying for the very first time.

then you will select the First Option.

b) If you have applied for the driving license before then you will have the driving license.

so you will select the second option and you will fill the DL Number (Driving License Number) in the box.

c) If you have applied for the learning license before and applying for another learner's license due to some reasons, then you will select the Third Option.

And simply you will fill the Learner's License Number in the box.

Now let us consider that you are applying for the very first time for the license. so you will select the first option.

Step #9.

After selecting the option, now you will see the main Online Application For Learning License.

Friends, you will need to be a little careful when you fill up this form. because if anything goes wrong you will have to follow the process again and again.

And trust us! That is very frustrating 😣😣😣

Apply For Learning License Online


So be careful when you fill up your details such as:

1) Select the State
2) Select the RTO of that particular state.

(For Example: If you live in PUNE then you will select the state as Maharashtra and select the RTO as RTO,PUNE--MH12.

Then you will,

3) Select the Country
4) Select the Gender
5) Select the Qualification
6) Provide the Date Of Birth
7) Fill up the proper Address.

(You can take Adhaar Card for reference of the Address)

apply online for learning license


now most importantly,

8) Provide the proper Mobile Number.

Because all the updates about your license will be provided to you on your registered mobile number by the RTO Authorities.

So carefully fill the Mobile Number as well as the Address.

apply online for learning license


Step #9.

After you fill-up the online form of online application for learning license, if you scroll down a little, you can see there is a little section on the application.

You see there is a small box. That box contains nothing but almost all the Classes Of Vehicles that currently run on the Indian roads.

apply online for learning license


This means that you are applying for learning license online to drive one of the classes of the vehicle from that list.

So, For Example, Let's say that you have the 2 wheeler vehicle which features a gearbox facility.

Such as "Hero Splendor", "Hero Passion", "Bajaj Avenger", or even "Royal Enfield Bullet".

Then, you will select the 'Motor Cycle With Gear [Non-Transport] [MCWG]' option.

And on the other hand, If you have the 2 wheeler but not comes with gear facility in it such as "Honda Activa", "TVS Scooty", "Suzuki Access" Or Other.

In this case, you will select the 'Motor Cycle Without Gear [Non-Transport] [MCWOG]' option.

Similarly, there are more other options. you need to just check that in which class your vehicle falls.

Also note this: You can also select multiple classes of vehicles at a time. It means that you can select MCWG and MCWOG at the same time.

Alright, For now, we are continuing with the 'Learning License For Motorcycle With Gear' option.

How To Apply For Learning License Online - (Step By Step)

Step #10.

So click on the option. then you need to click on the Blue Button. now that vehicle will be transferred in the next box.

Note: If you accidentally or by mistake select the wrong vehicle class then you can simply undo that mistake by clicking the other blue button.

apply online for learning license


Step #11.

Now, you can see there are a couple of checkboxes. Read them carefully then check them if you want to. finally, click on Submit.

apply online for learning license


Once you click on submit, it means that you have filled your form completely.

But before submitting the form, do not forget to recheck the whole application form.

Step #12.

After submitting you can see your main Acknowledgement Of The Learning License on your screen.

The acknowledgment contains all your crucial information.

apply online for learning license


Such as
  • Application Number
  • Name
  • Application Date
  • Date-Of-Birth
  • Blood Group
  • And More...

You just need to do one thing, you can see your application number has been generated on the acknowledgment. 

You just need to note down the number.

Because it is the number that you will need for the further process later.

By the way, you get all these details on your phone via message.

Step #13.

Now you need to click on the Next Button. After clicked, you can see your Application Status on the screen.

Here, you will know all the processes related to a driving license. all the completed steps and the pending steps you can see here.

Now, You know what? Done !!!

You have just easily applied for the LL. so this was the simple process for it.

was it any rocket science? absolutely not.

But wait... it is not fully completed yet. there are still a couple of things to do.

you need to complete the full process for getting the Learning License.

You need to upload your documents, pay the fees, and finally book the appointment.

But for now, basically, you have applied for the learning driving license.

Questions Related To The Learning License

#1. Can I drive alone with a learner's license in India?

No, You cannot. it is prohibited. You can drive alone any vehicle on the roads only when you will acquire a valid driving license for that.

If you are having a learning license for any vehicle, and you are wishing to drive it alone, you are just not allowed.

Once you get a learner's license, then what you can do is that just get a person from your family or friends to just supervise you whenever you will come out to drive any vehicle.

But the condition is that the person must also have a driving license.

You just have to do this until you get your Permanent License.

#2. Is LL necessary for DL?

Oh yes, the LL is very necessary for DL. We do mean that the learner's license is a mandatory thing in order to get a new permenant license.

Once you acquire a learning license, you can apply online for permenant license after the 30 days but before 6 months span.

Note this that after the six months the learner's license get expire. so apply for permenant driver's license before it happens.

#3. What is the difference between LL and DL?

The LL stands for Learners License, and on the other hand the DL stands for Driving License. the learner's license is known as the first requirement for getting the driving license.

The LL is valid for only 6 months, but the DL is lasts for several years.

#4. Can I drive Activa with learning licenes?

Of course you can. Look, If you hold a learning license, it means that you are allowed to drive a 2 wheeler wich comes without gear and whose engine capacity is more than 50 CC.

The Honda Activa features both. but the pemenant driving license is must for this type of vehicle.

#5. Which questions are asked in RTO for learning license test?

There are total of 15 questions that asked in the RTO for learning license test. the number may vary in some states.

As an applicant, you have to give the correct answers of at least 9 questions to get passed in this test. and that too within time that is 30 seconds.

We recommend you that before going to the test, do your preparation wisely.


So Friends, In this article We have shared the procedure of apply for learning license online.

We hope you found this article helpful. If so, then please share this informative article with your friends and your loved ones.

If you share this article, You might be helping somebody.

You never know : )

Apart from that, We want you to share your thoughts in the comment box. If you have any suggestions, any complaints, or any queries, feel free to comment down here.

Or you can contact us.

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"How To Apply For Learning License Online - (Step By Step)"

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